Damaged mailbox: who is responsible to fix it?

When it comes to a condominium, mailboxes are usually embedded in the wall and are part of a common metal frame. The law is not clear about who is responsible for its maintenance.
On the wall or even attached to the front door or hall of the building, can mailboxes be considered a common part of the condominium?

New law AL | More power to the condominiums

Similar as with the autarchies, condominiums also see their powers expanded. In this sense, the operation of new hostel-type units becomes dependent on their prior authorization. It’s determined that “There can be no place for the installation and operation of hostels in horizontal properties where coexist housing residents, without authorization for this purpose”.

New law AL | Mandatory civil liability insurance

Amongst a set of new rules, what stands out is that the new legislation obliges all operating owners to contract multi-risk insurance against civil liability. This will protect the owners from their assets and cover fire risk and property damage and non-property damage to guests and third parties.