The new rules of accommodation are already in force oblige those who are already and who wants to exploit this activity to take into account the changes brought by the new law.



With the objective of preserving the social reality of neighborhoods and places, the new legal framework for short-term lease gives municipalities the power to define “containment areas”, which impose “percentage limits in proportion to the housing available for housing.” These areas may correspond to the area of ​​a parish or part of it, where the opening of new local accommodation units is conditioned to the authorization of the municipalities, and will be reassessed at least every two years and the respective conclusions communicated to Turismo de Portugal , IP, for the purposes of the provisions of the previous numbers. The containment areas identified by each municipality are communicated to Turismo de Portugal, I. P., which introduces reference to the limitation of new registrations in these areas in the Single Electronic Counter.


In addition, in the containment areas, the same owner may only hold seven units of local accommodation in the same area. New registrations of local accommodation can only advance with the same prior notice with deadline. Owners who already own seven units as of the date of entry into force of the law may retain all units, but the possibility of opening new farm registers will be barred.


The document also establishes that municipalities may, by reasoned resolution of the municipal assembly, on proposal of the city council, “suspend, for a maximum of one year, the authorization of new records in specifically delimited areas”, until the regulations municipalities to define the containment areas. A measure aimed at avoiding a rush to open new local accommodation before the ban becomes effective with the entry into force of that regulation.


In order to avoid that a change in circumstances and existing conditions may jeopardize the effectiveness of the municipal regulation, municipalities may suspend for a maximum of one year the authorization of new registrations in specifically defined areas.



Beginning of the procedure for drafting the municipal regulations for local accommodation

For the president of the Parish Council of Santa Maria Maior, Miguel Coelho, the new law comes late, but in time to stop processes: “It is not a question of saying that local accommodation should not exist, what is important is to regulate this activity and contain it within acceptable limits in a balanced proportion between permanent housing and this activity. “


As of November 9, 2018, and for at least six months, extendable for the same period, or until the entry into force of the municipal regulation; the authorizations of new registrations of Local Accommodation (AL) in five historic districts of Lisbon: Alfama, Mouraria, Castelo, Madragoa and Bairro Alto, which gathers most of the historical districts of the capital, are suspended.


The areas where the suspension of authorization of new registrations will be proposed immediately by the Chamber are those where “the minimum threshold of housing use is considered to be at risk”, explains the “Urban Tourism Study in Lisbon”, released by the municipality. But the chamber will also keep under monitoring the zones “where there are strong pressure factors for housing use.” This means that if tourist pressure in these areas worsens, the Chamber will be ready to suspend the granting of new housing permits in these areas.



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