On 21 October 2018, Law 62/2018, which updates the regulation of Local Accommodation activity, came into force, and under article 12 it became mandatory for each unit to have an “Information Book” regarding the operation of the establishment and respective internal rules of use.


This Information Book should be made available in four languages, Portuguese and English and at least two more foreign languages.

In case the establishments that are inserted in collective housing buildings, the Information Book should also contain the regulation with the condominium practices and rules that are relevant to the accommodation and the use of the common parts.


What information should the new Information Book contain?

The Information Book shall contain the LA unit’s internal rules of use. This includes information on the collection and selection of municipal waste, the operation of domestic appliances and precautions to avoid disturbing the tranquillity and rest of the neighbours.

The Information Book shall also contain the telephone contact details of the person responsible for operating the Local Accommodation establishment.

To meet this new legal requirement, at WAM we design customized version of the Information Book for each Local Accommodation establishment. Take this opportunity to be within the new law, and do so with professionally prepared design and information content.


WAM | Livro de Informações
WAM | Livro de Informações


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