Mattress cleaning

Cleanliness is one of the quality factors most appreciated by tourists and customers in accommodation establishments. Mattresses are used by many people in short periods of time, accumulating sweat, dead skin cells and dust mites, fungi and bacteria, responsible for various respiratory problems and allergies.

New law AL | Information Book

On 21 October 2018, Law 62/2018, which updates the regulation of Local Accommodation activity, came into force, and under article 12 it became mandatory for each unit to have an “Information Book” regarding the operation of the establishment and respective internal rules of use. To meet this new legal requirement, at WAM we design customized version of the Information Book for each Local Accommodation establishment.

7 things you can do to increase vacation rental bookings despite the Covid-19 outbreak

Outbreak of Covid-19 and mandatory confinements ordered by governments around the world are impacting the tourism sector and most importantly, the short-term rental and vacation rental industry. Although we understand how concerning these times are, the Coronavirus crisis is a temporary setback and we recommend to start preparing for when everything goes back to normal (hopefully soon!). If you’re going to stay home for the next few days, you can take advantage of this time to analyse your business and ways to improve. 

New law AL | More power to the condominiums

Similar as with the autarchies, condominiums also see their powers expanded. In this sense, the operation of new hostel-type units becomes dependent on their prior authorization. It’s determined that “There can be no place for the installation and operation of hostels in horizontal properties where coexist housing residents, without authorization for this purpose”.