When it comes to a condominium, mailboxes are usually embedded in the wall and are part of a common metal frame. The law is not clear about who is responsible for its maintenance.On the wall or even attached to the front door or hall of the building, can mailboxes be considered a common part of the condominium?


The law considers that anything that is not for the exclusive use of one of the owners it’s common. This is not the case with a mailbox which is of the exclusive use of the owner who is the only person to have access to it to collect their mail. In certain circumstances, each owner must be responsible for its maintenance and assume its costs. For example, when it is considered that, due to misuse of the owner, the lock or door of the box needs to be repaired or replaced.


What if, due to wear and tear, the entire structure of the mailboxes needs to be repaired or replaced? In this case, the boxes are of common interest. It is perfectly plausible that the works will be inserted in the context of maintenance or innovation of the building (for example, if the condominium agrees to the placement of better-quality hardware or even the relocation of the boxes). This decision needs to be approved in advance in the Owners’ Meeting and later the expense is undertaken by the condominium and not by each of the owners.


Approval is required, by simple majority (50% + 1) of the value of the building in case of maintenance works, and by 2/3 of the value in case of innovation works. Payment will be made in proportion to the value of the building fractions (i.e., depending on the permillage of each owner).