The entrance in the building where I live is full of flowerpots and decorative plants. Some residents, including myself, do not agree with this initiative. We want to discuss the issue in the Owners’ Meeting; however, I would like to know what the law says about this situation.


This is a recurring and very pertinent question. Decorating the apartment entrance or giving it a more flowery touch is prohibited and a fine may even be imposed. All owners should be aware of this situation.

The circulation areas of a building (stairs, corridors, entrances and halls) and the other common parts (garages, parking spaces, roofs, roof terraces, among others) are intended for collective use. They may not be used without prior permission which is always decided in the Owners’ Meeting.

Placing flowerpots or flower vases in the stairs and/or entrance of buildings is in breach of the legal fire safety regime in buildings. If the resident (or residents) does not comply with this legislation, in the event of a fire, he/she will commit a violation punishable by a fine of between 370 € and 3,700 € (in case of individuals), in addition to the civil and criminal liability that may result of that action.

On the other hand, and as a rule, the stairs, corridors and entrances of housing buildings are not very wide. Thus, if they are decorated with flowerpots or other decorative objects, free movement is very difficult, especially for people with reduced mobility, strollers and elderly.

The possibility of an accident is much greater and if it is necessary to evacuate people, as well as to ensure the operation of emergency teams (Firemen, INEM, etc.) the task will be almost an impossible mission.